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Canaries are not only produced by quality of champion sires

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Common misconceptions in breeding canaries, that the descendants of a superior and better, and added a series of flashy achievement of a race event, of course, would automatically have canaries offspring who will be the champion as well. In fact everything in the Canary breeding will not be as easy and simple it is. Many factors, including:
Quality breeders Canary
Quality has become one of the main determinants of the merits of the young canaries that will be generated. But in this case not just how a row of champions who have won it, there are other things that need to be considered, for example: Is the physical meaning both good breeders do not have a physical disability, and in a fit condition. This is to avoid if breeders carry the defective gene, the offspring will impact on disability anyway. His voice was melodious, long, or indeed to suit our tastes. Well one of them also where breeders have a good performance, is also expected to have genetic offspring are good also. (Not that we should hunt canary chicks who has become a champion for getting young with good quality, because the price would be soaring into the sky).
Canary has a good resistance in all weather conditions, including in Indonesia, although the original camaries ancestors lived in a subtropical region, but in my experience the Canary does have stamina and a better adaptation to the environment than other pet birds.
Canary is good and bad depending on how we take care of him, this expression could be true and could be wrong. First we have to be sure the Canary gonna have a good, healthy from the physical form, symmetrical, feathers grow well and normal. And we have to make sure also that when they baby (newly hatched) to breeders we give food intake both in terms of nutrition and variety. So it would be more optimal development.
After that we started sorting where the males and females in a cage which is different, it is intended that the young Canary not to attack each other and fighting over food, because young Canary has the character does not want to be disturbed.
Then provide good quality food, and has a good variety too. So do not just grains and eggs alone, there needs to be variation Canary pet food from us, for example, combined with apples, papaya, cabbage vegetables, green vegetables,  spinach, and other, even if it needs to be given sufficient ants egg, twice a week. This of course can be a complementary nutrition needed by Canary to grow optimally. Need also about how we should not distinguish Canary males with females in treatment patterns. Sometimes we are so excessive in giving food to the Canary males, while females are left in the Canary skinny unkempt condition and ultimately many died. This is certainly very worrying. We’re just going to get a good seed quality when broodstock and broodstock Males and Females in good health and quality of course.

So if we are able to take a good care on going, of course, we can also get a beautiful carefree singing and screeching of our favorite Canary and of course it can be when we want to generate or produce Canary quality, not only because of the quality of the breeders, but also because our ability to take care of him. (Setya Budhi)


Author: Gede Budi

Hobi beternak kenari memang sangat menyenangkan, apalagi jika ternyata memang telah menghasilkan. Jadi buat kawan-kawan yang punya hobi sama, Jika ada keinginan dari kawan2 untuk berbagi pengalaman menangkarkan kenari, silakan untuk berkomentar atau mengisi blog ini dengan tips yang lebih baik. Saya akan dengan sangat terbuka menerima kritik dan masukan dari anda semua pecinta kenari. Saya juga beternak burung kenari dengan indukan terpilih dan menjamin mutu tiap anakan kenari dari Singaraja Bird Farm. Jika berminat silakan hubungi saya di No. berikut ini: 087762059151 Semoga Peternak Kenari Bali semakin berkembang... Suksma

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